How to complete the required Sidekicker / RMIT On Demand Certifications 

Completing a Right to Work Check in Australia


What is a Right to Work Check? 

The Right to Work Check is an instant online visa and passport check to ensure RMIT On Demand students/Sidekicks have working rights in Australia and it is a requirement to complete work with Sidekicker. 

What am I responsible for?  

As an employee of Sidekicker as part of the RMIT On Demand program, you are responsible for: 

  • Notifying Sidekicker of any changes to your visa conditions 

  • Taking responsibility for not applying for or completing shifts that exceed your work restrictions 


If you exceed your work restrictions or fail to let Sidekicker know that your visa conditions have changed, this may result in disciplinary action and your Sidekicker account could be deactivated. 

What if I have not completed a Right to Work Check? 

If you have not completed the Right to Work check, you will not be able to see any shifts on your Sidekicker app or desktop. 

What do I need to complete the Check? 

To verify your right to work, you’ll need one of the following documents: 

  • Australian Passport 

  • Australian Birth Certificate 

  • Australian citizenship certificate 

  • Australian visa 

How do I complete the Right to Work Check? 

Step 1: In your profile, under your certificates section, you should see the below button that will link you to Certsy to verify your Right to Work. 

Step 2. Follow the prompts to connect and share your Certsy results with Sidekicker. 



Step 3. Upload your verification document to Certsy and you will be asked to share your results with Sidekicker. Accept this to complete the process. 



Once you have shared the result you should see this screen. 




You will then be taken back to the Sidekicker profile page and see that the certificate is now ‘pending’. 



This will usually update in 24 hours or so and show ‘approved’ once the document is verified. See below. 



If it shows ‘approved’ congratulations! Your Right to Work has been verified! 

What should I do if there is a delay in getting my result? 

There may be a delay in your Right to Work verification if the information entered into the Certsy system does not match the information displayed on your document. There could also be a delay if there is a system connectivity issue and Certsy cannot perform an auto-verification with the government databases. 


In all cases, your Right to Work submission will be referred to Certsy's support team for manual verification. Depending on the cause of delay, the process of manual verification could take up to one business day. You will be notified via email as soon as your result is ready. 

What if I am still having trouble verifying my working rights? 

If you are still having trouble verifying your working rights or disagree with the results of your check, please email Certsy at and they will look into this for you. 


Completing the OH&S Induction

All RMIT On Demand students and graduates must complete the OH&S Induction, which is followed by a quiz. You must achieve 100 per cent in this quiz before progressing to the interview/onboarding.   


To Complete the OH&S induction click through this link completion, the certificate will be automatically added to your profile. 


This Sidekicker video will help understand the steps required in order to complete your profile prior to your interview. Please note it is ESSENTIAL to attend an interview in order to gain access to the jobs posted on the platform.