We recommend you use Google Chrome.


How to complete the “Right to work check” of Australia

  1. Go to https://certsy.com/sign-in

  2. Enter your email and follow the prompts. If entering Visa details, please include your first, middle and last names exactly as written on your Visa – the system is highly sensitive to spelling.

  3. Take a screenshot of your certificate

  4. Go to www.sidekicker.com.au and click on Log in and use your email address you registered as the username and password Sidekicker123

    • Go to your name in the top right hand corner, and click View Profile, then the Edit Profile button

    • Scroll down to Certificates, click on Certsy Right to Work check, and upload your screenshot

  5. If the expiry date is not populated, follow one of the below:

    • If you are an Australian resident, add expiry date 01/01/2030

    • If you are on a partner visa, add expiry date 6 months from today’s date

    • If you are on a Bridging visa, add expiry date 3 months from today’s date

  6. Ensure to click the Save button to ensure your screenshot uploads!


If the Certsy check is inconclusive:

  • Check that your middle name is entered as the first name, e.g. First name: John Lucas, Last name: Smith

  • If the Certsy is still inconclusive search “VEVO” Australia in Google, and select the first search option. Select “Check your own Visa details” on the right side of the screen. Complete and upload PDF to your profile instead of your Certsy screenshot.

  • If still inconclusive, notify the Sidekick Coordinator.


How to complete your Health & Safety quiz

  1. Go to the link provided in the email or click here

  2. Complete the quiz and take a screenshot of the Certificate of Completion.

  3. Go to www.sidekicker.com.au and click ‘Log in’ (don’t create a new account, we have already created one for you).

  4. Use the email address you registered as the username and password Sidekicker123  

    • Go to your name in the top right-hand corner, and click View Profile, then the Edit Profile button

    • Scroll down to Certificates, click on Sidekicker OH&S Induction, and upload your screenshot

  5. Ensure to click the Save button to ensure your screenshot uploads!

How to complete your Online Profile

The first step to becoming an all-star RMIT On Demand applicant is completing your profile. Imagine that your profile is your shop front. The more attractive you make it look, the more likely you will get selected for jobs. To be successful on the Sidekicker platform it is essential that you communicate your skills and experiences through your profile. Your profile is what businesses see before approving you to work a job.

Some advice…

  • Ensure that you are using Google Chrome as a browser

  • The web app is most compatible with laptops however tablets do work

  • Always save your changes, the save button is always at the bottom of your page

  • Have a backup of your work – write up your profile in a word document and copy and paste the text onto your profile

  • How much to write? Businesses don’t like to hire people they don’t know. Keep your writing professional and concise but let businesses know the important stuff about yourself and let them know why they should hire you.

STEP 1: Log into your Sidekicker account and go to top right hand corner, click on “View profile” and “Edit Profile”.

STEP 2: Now it’s time to complete your profile. Please note, you will have a new profile pic taken during your onboarding session, so we’ll upload that for you.

Create an exciting Biography!

  • Summarise your experience and personality. Make them interested in YOU! Think of it as a creative cover letter.

  • Introduce yourself with a friendly greeting.

  • Talk about what you are currently studying (Program name and your year, average grades).

  • Outline summary work experience (industries, roles, and skills gained).

  • Finish with your key strengths and why you would be a great Sidekick

  • Include any links to portfolios or relevant work. For photography or videography students, please include what equipment you own that you are willing to use on a job.

  • Get someone to look over it and make sure your grammar is correct.

  • If you need ideas, ask us for tips – we’re always happy to help; we’ve seen a few profiles in our time.

Points to include on “What do you do when you’re not Sidekicking”:

  • Tell the employer a little bit more of yourself outside of your studies.

  • Elaborate a little bit more on your hobbies and interests

Points to include within Experience:

  • Aim to add 2-3 experiences that are specific to the job category you applied for. Include school projects, extra curricular activities, internships, volunteer work or small jobs. If you have a job outside of those categories, include this information in your Biography section.

  • Keep it short and sweet

  • Use paragraphs and dot points to make it easy to read.

  • Employers don’t see your CV, so this is it!

Step 3 - Ignore the Company ID’s section

Step 4 - Always make sure to scroll to the bottom of the screen and select save changes!

How to complete your Account Settings

  • Please ONLY complete tabs Account Details, Employment Details, Password, Notifications and Bank Details.

  • DO NOT complete sections Documentation and Transaction History. Employers will not be able to see your CV.

  • Complete in the following order below. If you skip to a different section, the TFN section will incorrectly default to NZ.

  • Ensure you click on Save Changes after completing each tab or else it will not save.

Account Details - Complete all of your personal details and emergency details.

Employment Details

  • Complete the Superannuation details

  • Australian Residents and Visa holders need to complete a Tax Declaration Form.

    • Have a student visa and are unsure how to fill it out? Please talk to us.

    • Do not have a Tax File Number (TFN)?

      • Ensure you apply for one here

      • Please leave this section blank and complete the section once you do get your TFN.

      • You may want to call the Tax department a couple of weeks after applying as they may provide it to you over the phone.

      • It’s important that this section is completed before your Sidekicker account is approved.

  • Ensure that you read and agree to the Permission settings on this page.

Password - Set up a new password

Notifications - Ensure both boxes are ticked in this section

Bank Details - In order to get paid correctly you need to complete your details.