RMIT On Demand FAQs

How do I sign up?

Students and Graduates: complete the RMIT On Demand application form and we will be in touch to invite you to an onboarding session if you've been successful. Please review the selection criteria before you apply!

Businesses: complete the RMIT On Demand enquiry form and the team will be in touch to onboard you to the Sidekicker system

What are the pay rates and fees?
  • Students recieve an hourly award rate (this is specific to each job category). The pay rate is set by Sidekicker

  • Businesses pay the hourly award rate + oncosts (super, insurance, payroll) + 10% Sidekicker service fee

What’s the minimum hours for a job post?
  • Design & Media jobs = minimum of four hours

  • All other job categories = minimum of three hours

Why do we offer limited job categories?

The categories currently on offer are representative of the RMIT brand and lend themselves well to the working on demand sector. We are focussed on growing and developing RMIT On Demand so if you have a suggestion for a new job category for us to explore, please get in touch!

Does RMIT need to complete any contracts with regard to the business and student job engagement?

No. The agreement for the job is all managed by Sidekicker. The business signs an agreement with Sidekicker, and likewise the student and graduate becomes a Sidekicker employee. This is set out within the Sidekicker terms and conditions when a student, graduate or business onboards to the platform

How do we ensure RMIT On Demand students and graduates are experienced to perform the jobs?
  • We work closely with RMIT Program Managers to ensure our acceptance criteria is sufficient and the job sub-categories are relevant to what RMIT Students and Graduates are currently studying 

  • Only final year students and students who have graduated within 12 months are onboarded onto the platform

  • During our screening process we take into account the standard of the application, grades, relevant work experience and performance during the interview

Can businesses browse student and graduate profiles?

No. The Sidekicker platform is designed to save time and make the process as simple as possible for businesses and students. Businesses can only view students and graduates who have shown interest to the job via an application. Students and graduates can view details of jobs that are within their job category.


What’s the difference between RMIT On Demand and Career Hub?

RMIT offers a range of ways for businesses to work with and recruit students and more information can be accessed here: Recruit students and graduates. RMIT On Demand is a job matching mobile app targeted at pre-screened students and graduates and Career Hub is a traditional search and apply job board for students & graduates. The two programs provide alternative recruitment services for RMIT's industry partners, students and graduates and can be used to meet their particular needs and budgets

What if the student, graduate or business encounters challenges during the job placement?

We are in regular communication with RMIT On Demand students, graduates and businesses. There are a range of people to contact depending on the issue: