Business Onboarding

Welcome to RMIT On Demand!

We're excited to be connecting you with
skilled, flexible and experienced RMIT talent.

Start on boarding by following the easy steps below.
Any questions - contact us or schedule in a time that suits you.

1. Post a job

Once you login, start by selecting 'Make a request'


2. Select a category

Choose one of the available categories that best fits the position you have to offer.


If your category is not there, get in touch with us and we'll help source what you need.


3. Choose a sub-category

Fill out the title of your request and the description in the allocated fields.


4. Your work-type

Our students and grads are flexible!

Select either single or multi-shifts, or for a fixed term.

Include the number of sidekicks you need and when you need them.

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5. Confirm rates

A breakdown of the hourly rates will be visible to you and your potential candidate.

Any working hours that exceed 8 hours in a day or 83 hours in a week may incur overtime charges.

Get in touch for more info.

Hit submit when you're done!


6. Job ad is live!

Our candidates will be notified of your job based on their skills and experiences. 

Watch out for your inbox or app notification for students and grads on demand!


7. Review and hire

Click on 'Interview me' to review a candidate's experience. This step will also reveal their email and phone number.


TIP: Only do this if you are ready for a discussion within 24 hours.


Candidates are prompted with an email so they will be expecting contact from you.

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Hit 'Hire' when you have found the right candidate!

Approving hours

You will have until the following Tuesday to approve hours.
If you forget - Sidekicker will save you the hassle and approve these hours for you.

Once the job is complete, you will need to review the time sheet and approve.

You also have the option to review...

...and view a breakdown of costs before approving and finalising.


Leave a review!

Our students need your review to claim more experience. Leave a review at the end of the job and leave our team a review!


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