RMIT On Demand is an online marketplace connecting businesses to skilled students and recent graduates for hourly, daily, project based or temporary paid work opportunities.  

With the emergence of the gig economy, companies can now access hyper-specialised talent, save on costs and increase productivity.

RMIT On Demand has partnered with Sidekicker to provide an easy to use, flexible and cost-effective recruitment platform. 


Our team provides a full recruitment service that includes a pre-screened talent pool, digital timesheets and providing a full payroll service, making the hiring process easier for businesses.  

Why RMIT On Demand?

At RMIT, we’re committed to providing students with the best start to their career. We also recognise that work is changing, with an increasing demand for autonomous and flexible work – not just for our students, but for businesses. 


Three years on, we’re thrilled to be able to provide an easy to use hiring platform powered by our partner, Sidekicker, giving our students access to paid industry work, as well as flexible arrangements for businesses alike. 

How it works

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Kickstarting our future generation and empower businesses with on demand skills and flexibility 

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Benefits - Industry.jpg
  • Earn money at guaranteed industry award rates .

  • We ensure you are paid. 

  • Gain real experience with real jobs. 

  • All your jobs on the one platform - mobile notifications, easy application process, online timesheets. 

  • Kickstart your career with a freelance role in the gig economy. 

  • Business benefits.

  • Assurance of vetted and high quality talent.

  • Access talent before they hit the market.

  • 10% hourly service fee which includes access to a pre-screened talent pool via Sidekicker platform, electronic timesheets and payroll

  • Transparent candidate profiles with ratings and reviews. 

  • We take care of all wage obligations - award rates, tax, super and insurance.